CECD Coalition for Equitable Community Development

Promoting an Economically and Racially
Diverse Community in Chicago's
Hyde Park-Kenwood Neighborhood

Welcome To CECD

The Coalition for Equitable Community Development is a 501(c)(3) membership organization consisting of individuals, organizations, congregations, and businesses that live or do business in Hyde Park and Kenwood. Its mission is to convene residents, faith-based communities, civic, educational, and social organizations, along with the business community, in planning, guiding, and monitoring housing and related activities that will support the maintenance of an economically and racially diverse community in Hyde Park-Kenwood.


CECD believes that a key component in maintaining and growing economic diversity is housing affordable to people of various income levels. CECD has

  • Insured that, for a proposed development at 56th and Cornell, the development company will maintain the adjacent apartment building, with 53 rental apartments, as affordable in perpetuity.
  • Worked with the developer of a 242-unit mixed development at East Hyde Park and Lake Park to provide
    20% affordable and accessible rentail units.
  • Partnered with STOP to save Grove Parc, a 500-unit section 8 housing complex at 63rd and Cottage Grove.
  • Worked with initiatives on land-banking, Lathrop Homes redevelopment, and developing relationships with other community organizations (such as SOUL) with common interests.

The CECD "Hyde Park-Kenwood Housing Market Survey" is now available online. It provides a detailed study of housing in Hyde Park and South Kenwood. The survey was conducted by Strategies for Community Economic Development and Finance, in conjunction with the Voorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Improvement at the University of Illiinois at Chicago, and funded by the CECD, with support from The Pierce Family Foundation, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, the South East Chicago Commission, and members of CECD.


Special announcement

July 9, 2015. Pat Wilcoxen, President of CECD reports this important opportunity for seniors and others of moderate income in the soon to be completed City Hyde Park development. The CHP/MAC Properties office is in the 1300 block of E. 53rd St.


The coalition for Equitable Community Development (CECD) is concerrned that Hyde Park/Kenwood remain a racially and economically diverse community. To do that, we must have some affordable rental housing.


We are currently looking forward to the opening of City Hyde Park, (corner of E. Hyde Park/51st St, & Lake Park Ave.) They have begun taking applications for occupancy this Winter. There will be a total of 36 affordable studio 7 1 bedroom apartmrnts in City Hyde Park.


Half of them will be rented to 1-person households with incomes below $31,920 or 2-person households with incomes below $36, 480. And the other half to households of 1 below $26,600 or 2 persons below $30,400.


This location is ideal for seniors...an air conditioned elevator building, on good public transportation routes, with shopping in house or nearby. If someone you know is interested we would be happy to talk with them, or they can contact City Hyde Park directly, We can also talk about additional plans for other units elsewhere with up to 2 bedrooms and slightly higher income caps.


The rents for the higher income households cited above will be $736 for stodio apartments and $790 for 1 bedrooms. The lower income limits above will have rents of $613 for studios and $647 for 1 bedrooms. In all cases the residents wil be responsible for their own utilities including heating, cooling, cooking gas and other electric.


Pat Wilcoxen, CECD President phone: 773-643-7495 email: pwilcoxen@comcast.net.




Affordable housing in Hyde Park-Kenwood and the surrounding communities is shrinking and will continue to shrink, without community intervention.

  • Housing is considered "affordable" if the family pays no more than 30% of its gross (before tax) income for housing costs.
  • In Hyde Park, about half of renters pay more than 30% of their income in housing costs, and a quarter pay more than 50% of their income in housing costs.


To afford a one-bedroom apartment in Hyde Park, an individual would need to earn $16.00/hour; to afford a two-bedroom apartment, an individual would need to earn $17.96/hour.

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